(8351) Assistant Scientist  

Assistant Scientist, Food Science Twin Cities, MN



Staff - Professional Non-Faculty  

A = 12 month  

Temporary (2)  


Mon.- Fri.  



Annual Base Salary ~$45,000 DOQ  

Food Science and Nutrition (412A)  

Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, College of  

Twin Cities  




Required - A Bachelor's degree with a major in Food Science and at least one year of food industry experience; water activity and water sorption analysis, especially using dynamic and static isopiesetic gravimetric and DDI, or an equivalent combination of education and relevant research experience, should provide the necessary background for this work.
No food allergies (especially nuts).

Preferred - Significant industry experience in food product development, written and oral communication and team work skills  

55% Conducts investigations or experiments in measurement of moisture diffusivity in multicomponent food systems containing almonds in order to minimize moisture transfer and loss of quality

- Plan and execute physical chemistry experiments
- Estimate time, supply, and equipment needs of research projects
- Direct and maintain good laboratory safety practices
- Sets up and operates equipment to collect research data.
- Collect, record, tabulate, and graph data
- Review and interpret results
- Review pertinent literature, select necessary procedures and techniques, plan approaches to research problems
- Discuss and plan new directions of research

20% Assists in the design of experiments and data analysis; explores new possible approaches to problems or suggesting new interpretation of data.

- Assists in modifying existing techniques and procedures or in developing new ones.
- Develops new techniques
- Assists in the design of devices needed to carry out the research.

10% Discuss possible approaches to the problem with supervisor

- Train and assist undergraduate students in lab procedures and assist on projects when needed

10% Selects and reviews literature relating to the assigned area. Authors or co-authors technical reports and articles for publication and/or presentation at professional meetings.

- Co-author manuscripts
- Assist in preparation of papers and present papers at professional conferences as needed
- Prepare drafts of graphs
- Prepare photographic artwork
- Aid in preparation of research proposals
- Aid in preparing quarterly and final reports of research projects
- Writes routine summary reports on results of work and confers with supervisors on interpretation of results and avenues of investigation.

5% Repairs and maintains scientific equipment

- Supervise use of equipment
- Maintain equipment and supplies, reorder as needed  

The mission of the Department is to conduct research, provide knowledge, and develop skills to improve food quality and its contributions to health benefits. The integration of nutrition and food science has provided an exceptional opportunity for the Department to capitalize on the intersection of the areas of health systems and food production. The Department plays a unique and important role in meeting human needs by training professionals and providing service in the fields of food science and nutrition. Many faculty members in the Department are nationally and internationally recognized scholars in a wide range of food science and nutrition focused areas including food chemistry, food safety and microbiology, food flavor and sensory studies, food processing, nutrition and health/disease prevention, community-based nutrition, nutrition education and nutrition from a socio-cultural perspective. The Department employs 24 tenure/tenure track faculty members and about 50 professional staff members. Current enrollments include over 400 undergraduate majors and over 120 masters and doctoral students. For more information about faculty members, programs, and curriculum, see: http://fscn.cfans.umn.edu/

Salary and Benefits: The salary will be commensurate with education and experience. The University of Minnesota offers a generous benefits package that includes access to excellent health, dental, retirement and life insurance options.  

Apply on the U of Minnesota Human Resource website for Requistion #160285.  




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