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Job Title:

Senior Research Scientist - Chemical Food safety St. Louis, MO



The Chemical Food Safety specialist will develop and interpret food safety assessments and control strategies for chemical pet food safety hazards in ingredients and products. Safety assessment refers to likelihood and severity of the health effects of ingredients and chemicals (e.g. micronutrients, additives, packaging migrants, process contaminants, agricultural residues, environmental contaminants, etc) to pets. This Specialist role will work to develop control strategies and harmonize HACCP hazard assessments, safety guidance and control limits for use in our HACCP plans and product and ingredient monitoring schemes at both research and operational levels. This position will be responsible for communicating with and leveraging external resources (Nestle experts, external experts) and establish external contracts with universities and organizations.


Job Duties:

. Food chemical safety assessment on food additives, flavors, vitamins and trace elements, pesticide and veterinary drug residues, natural contaminants (e.g. mycotoxins), inherent toxicants (e.g. solanines from potatoes), environmental contaminants (heavy metals, pollutants), packaging migrants, process related chemicals (acrylamide, 3-MCPD) and food intakes.

. Identify and evaluate chemical contaminant hazards associated with raw and processed ingredients from suppliers and carry out a hazard assessment in absence of adequate toxicological information for pets.

. Safety evaluation of new ingredients, products and processes. Application of substantial equivalence principle, history of use and postlaunch monitoring.

. Safety evaluation of functional bioactive ingredients (e.g. bioactive phytochemicals, bioactive peptides, probiotics, prebiotics.).

. Information management. Information searches and interpretation.

. Regulatory toxicology. Study design and interpretation, GRAS affirmation studies.

. Establish limits regarding specifications of raw materials and finished product for chemical hazards

. Assist Project Managers in developing safer products and processes by early involvement in Product Development.

. Assist in the development of preliminary HACCP studies by verifying presence/level and severity of contaminants in ingredients and advising on proposed process changes that might cause reactions that would evolve unwanted chemicals.

. Assist the factories in defining any gaps and prepare action plans to address those gaps

. Monitor chemical safety related emerging issues and implement controls against those issues

. Provide technical training and market assistance as required

. Serve as entry point for marketplace queries on chemical safety of ingredients and chemical additives

. Review new formulas for food safety concerns


Background Requirements:

. PhD in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Food Science or related discipline

. A minimum of ten years related experience

. Understanding of quality systems with a good knowledge of food safety, food science and food processing

. Excellent negotiation and communication skills

. Demonstrated technical writing skills

. Excellent project management capabilities and organization capacity

. Dynamic and proactive attitude with a willingness to accept new ideas

. Able to work effectively in a multi-disciplinary environment within a multi-national team

. Demonstrated technical leadership skills

. Must be able to manage multiple projects/priorities

. Good sense of business/technical interrelationships


Related Skills:

. General knowledge of food chemistry reactions.

. Specific knowledge of pet food processes and how those processes impact (positively, negative or neutral) the evolution of chemical compounds of concern.

. General knowledge of companion animal toxicology.

. Basic knowledge of pet nutrition

. General knowledge on the safety evaluation of packaging materials



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