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Vietnam: 500 workers suffer food poisoning in Dong Nai

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More than 500 workers in Dong Nai Province were rushed to hospitals Friday with food poisoning Friday after having lunch at the Taiwanese Pousung Vietnam Company.

They had begun eating when workers found their rice was stale, smelly and curdled, said To Kim Hang at the general hospital of the province’s Trang Bom District, not far from Ho Chi Minh City.

“The company managers checked and then told us that the rice was rotten and inedible,” Hang said.

She said workers were then told to eat instant noodles but the noodles were also bad.

Thirty minutes later, more than 520 workers started to suffer from stomachache, vomiting and diarrhea right at the lunch tables of the Trang Bom District-based shoe maker.

Hoang Van Hoa, director of Trang Bom General Hospital that admitted more than 400 workers, said all doctors and nurses at hand were summoned to take care of the workers, give medicines to less critical people and send them home.

“But as of Friday evening, 240 workers were still in the hospital,” Hoa said.

In Bien Hoa Town, the General Hospital in Thong Nhat Area received 124 workers, five of them pregnant women who also had breathing difficulties.

The hospital had discharged 70 workers by the evening.

One worker, who didn’t want to be named, said the company has people to cook for its 13,000 employees, and bad quality meals “are an old story.

“The workers have eaten musty rice and spoiled fish many times. And we’ve informed the company managers every time but the situation didn’t change.”

Provincial and district authorities have taken food and water samples from the company to investigate the food poisoning.

Reported by Hoang Tuan


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