Food Safety Coalition Consultant - Fairfax, VA


Identify agency-related risk factors:To encourage the development of food safety program expertise:Identification and organisaion of all agency douments, contracts, policies, procedures




We are SEI CMM Level 3, ISO 9001 * 2000 Software Development Company based out of Fairfax, VA. We have our International Development Centers at Ukraine, India and Virginia. We are on the look out for Food Safety Coalition Consultant at College Park, MD. The requirement is as follows:
* Consultant has to assist and oversee the development of individual agency strategies and tools to overcome barriers in agency self-assessment and adoption of the FDA Program Standards.

* Will oversee and develop new coalition leadership within the coalition membership, that will lead the coalition in current and future objectives and projects.

* Has to develop and facilitate coordination and communication between coalition agency members and coalition task groups to ensure coalition progress and encourage the development of food safety program expertise among all agency members.

* Consultant has to Implement and oversee the function of coalition task groups in ensuring the completion of coalition projects Help in identifying major agency-related risk factors for food borne illness among the highly vulnerable populations served, and effective interventions for those risk factors.

* Organize, coordinate and oversee the accomplishment of individual assignments required by agency representatives.

* To facilitate necessary communication between coalition members, coalition coordinators, and task groups Oversee and coordinate identification and organization of all agency documents, Contracts, policies, procedures, and guidance documents which need to be updated with language consistent with the FDA Food Code

If you are interested in this project you can reach me on 703 279 4864.

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