Quality Assurance Manager - Curt Maberry Farm, Inc. - Lynden, WA


Curt Maberry Farm, Inc., a Northwest Washington berry grower and processor, is looking for an outstanding person to fill the important role of Quality Assurance Manager. Interested individuals should have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in an agriculture or food science-related program and, preferably, 3+ years of industry or QA experience. The position will require the QA Manager to oversee and improve CMF, Inc.'s existing QA and Food Safety programs; prepare and assist with company, buyer and industry-related audits; train and supervise plant and operations personnel to CMF, Inc.'s high standards.


The QA Managerís compensation will depend on the individualís qualifications and will include health, vacation and 401(k) benefits.


Interested individuals should send resume to:



729 Loomis Trail Road

Lynden, WA 98264




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