Number Of MSU Students Sick Could Top 50

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Posted: April 2, 2009 06:30 AM PDT

Student: "A lot of people were like vomiting uncontrollably and really light headed."

A mystery illness spreads through MSU, making dozens of students sick.

The illness sent 20 students to the hospital, and today another 30 reported similar symptoms.

It all started when several students at Shaw Hall started vomiting.

At this point, officials believe the outbreak originated in that dorm.

Alison Himelhoch caught up with some of the infected students to find out what they think caused the illness.

Ravi Shah is taking it easy after a hard night and a bad day.

Ravi Shah, Sick MSU Student: "At about 8:30 yesterday my stomach started aching and maybe I thought it was just like a simple stomach ache."

But when he got back to his dorm, Shaw Hall, he realized he was wrong.

Ravi Shah, Sick MSU Student: "I came back, I'm walking down the stairs and I could feel like starting to throw up, so I went to go throw up in the bathroom around 11 and then from there it just went down the hall."

Many of his hall mates started throwing up too.

So at 2:30 in the morning an ambulance came and took them all to Sparrow Hospital.

Ravi Shah, Sick MSU Student: "It was like 10 of us initially, then more just kept on trickling in."

Sam Waters, Sick MSU Student: "I got sick just this morning. I just had some nausea, dizziness, vomiting and like really watery diarrhea."

The sick students say they don't know for sure what caused the outbreak. But they've been told it came from something they ate in the cafeteria. And the Shaw Hall cafeteria is now closed.

Sam Waters, Sick MSU Student: "They obviously think it was in the food because they questioned me a lot about what I ate the night before, morning, even the day before."

So what could this illness be?

Ravi Shah, Sick MSU Student: "I overheard from one of the nurses and they think it's norovirus."

Sam Waters, Sick MSU Student: "A lot of people think it's norovirus because it has exactly the same symptoms."

Symptoms that are still sprouting up in Shaw Hall.

Sam Waters, Sick MSU Student: "Just like an hour or two ago someone else got sick, started throwing up."

Ravi Shah, Sick MSU Student: "It's probably still there just watch out."

The Ingham County Health Department says nearly 30 students went to the hospital, all with the same symptoms.

Another 27 went to Olin Health Center, but officials don't know if they have the same illness.

The county medical examiner says they haven't narrowed the outbreak down to norovirus, but it is a possiblity.

Dr. Dean Sienko, Ingham County Health Department: "It could be a food bourne it could be other things as well. We're early in the investigation, and as we continue to conduct our analysis, we do have a clearer picture of why this began and how it spread."

The health department is expecting lab results soon and hope they will provide more information about the illness.


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