Research Scientist - Meat Science Applied Technology Manger – St. Louis, MO


Company Name: Solae Import

Job Details

Duration: Permanent

Min Education: Not Specified

Salary: Commensurate

Job Type: Full Time

Min Experience: Not Specified

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·         USA - St. Louis Missouri, 63101

Job Description

Series Overview:
Employees in positions allocated to this series use their knowledge of meat science, food science, chemistry, nutrition and other sciences to propose, prepare, conduct, direct and analyze trials with key accounts, including applications development functions. Employees must communicate project / trial results effectively with all levels and functional areas, both with internal and external customers. The objective is the further growth of the business and knowledge in the meat sciences and application technologies leading to the development of key meat accounts, new and better products, processes and/or ideas by utilizing best practices in terms of the technological approach and positioning with the customer. Knowledge in the basic science and/or development of new and better products, processes and/or ideas at the customer is expected to be aligned with knowledge of Solae’s Go to Market approach / systems. Differences in levels relate principally to greater depth and breadth of knowledge and experience applied to examining more complex experiments, customer interactions and in the degree of independent judgment/action allowed in designing specific customer approaches.

Job Description:
Employee will use his/her knowledge of Meat Science to propose, prepare, conduct, direct, and analyze experiments for customer specific projects. They will be responsible for customer technical interactions leading to project initiation, execution, and conversion / maintenance. He/she will also serve as an internal expert to lead applications development and assessments of novel soy protein innovations. Employee must communicate technical information effectively with all levels and functional areas both internally and externally.

Primary Responsibilities:
Typical duties of a Research Scientist – Meat Science Applied Technology Manager include:

1. Develop work-plans to manage work for a part of a major project or total project of moderate scope.
2. Design and execute application projects related to the use of soy proteins in meat and meat-free products based on customer needs.
3. Provide technical support for customer initiated projects, technical training for internal/external customers, establish targets, understand the marketplace and evaluate new ingredient prototypes for the meat and meat-free industry.
4. Assist in the conducting of on/off site customer visits aiding in both practical aspects (laboratory trials) and presentations to key customers
5. Provide technical guidance on unusual or complex problems
6. Coordinate interdepartmental and customer interactions involving technical issues
7. Train, direct, supervise and/or motivate various levels of staff
8. Review technical and patent issues; may liaison with legal department and have patent responsibility
Research Scientist job duties and accountabilities also include the Research Investigator and Sr. Research Investigator job duties and accountabilities:
1. Design and develop plans, proposals, and/or systems to initiate new products and/or improve manufacturability of existing products
2. May deliver technical papers and presentations to external customers/contacts
3. Provide information, consulting support and advisement to external customers/contacts.
4. Receive instructions on specific assignment objectives.
5. Apply Scientific Method to provide solutions.
• Participate in the development of work-plans for conducting an experiment or series of experiments.
• Analyze all technical aspects of projects and recommend methods and techniques to be used and principles to be applied.
• Troubleshoot issues as they arise.
• Perform analyses and interpret test results, form conclusions on experiments conducted.
• Write comprehensive experimental reports.
6. Prepare and present technical papers and presentations for internal customers/contacts.
7. Provide guidance to staff to improve research skills and to increase their understanding of techniques and procedures utilized.
8. Remain current with relevant scientific literature and the meat industry / marketplace.
9. Adhere to all safety and quality requirements; enhance site safety

Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelors Degree in Meat Science or related field (Animal Science, Food Science) with ten (10) years of scientific experience, two (2) years of which may be gained at the next lower level of this series

Masters Degree in Meat Science or related field (Animal Science, Food Science) with nine (9) years of scientific experience

Masters Degree with Thesis in Meat Science or related field (Animal Science, Food Science) with seven (7) years of scientific experience
Ph.D. in Meat Science or related field (Animal Science, Food Science) with six (6) years of scientific experience

Additional Competencies and Experience Desired:
1) Knowledge of
• Theories, principles, methods and procedures of Meat Science and Application Technology (Expert level)
• Mathematics and statistics (Proficient Level)
• MS Office package (Extensive level)
• How marketplace trends and environment affects and drives the business.

2) Ability to
• Coordinate the activities of others involved in project/research activities
• Lead cross-functional teams
• Execute Six Sigma methodology (Black Belt level preferred, but not required)
• Design and manage projects
• Apply knowledge in a practical industry environment
• Supervise, train and/or coordinate the activities of subordinates involved in project/research activities

3) Skills in
• Plant trial design and execution, organizational skills, developing internal / external customer relationships
• Communicating effectively verbally and in writing to multi-functional, multi-level (emphasis on documentation of customer interactions, multi-level effectiveness, technical information, technical experimental results / conclusions / path forward)
• Developing solutions
• Organization and management of multiple projects
• Designing and managing major projects
• Translating results into business or technical opportunities.


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