Raw nuts may be source of pistachio contamination

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4/03/2009-According to a USA Today article, the Salmonella contamination of pistachios at Calif.-based Setton Pistachio may have occurred when contaminated raw nuts got mixed with roasted nuts during processing. Kraft spokeswoman Laurie Guzzinati said her company’s auditors “observed employee practices where raw and roasted nuts were not adequately segregated and that could explain the sporadic contamination.” Roasting is supposed to kill the bacteria; however if it is done wrong if could be re-contaminated.

The Food and Drug Administration learned about the Salmonella when Kraft Foods Inc. notified the agency that routine product tested had detected the bacteria in roasted pistachios. Setton is now voluntarily recalling more two million lbs of its roasted pistachios, and has shut down the plant. The plant’s products were shipped to 36 wholesalers, but it is unclear what those wholesalers did with the product—whether they were repackaged for consumers or whether they were sold to manufacturers.

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