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Campylobacter is considered to be the leading cause of enteric illness in the United States, possibly with even more infections than SalmonellaC. jejuni, C. coli, and C. lari account for more than 99% of human isolates (C. jejuni 90%).  Campylobacter can cause mild to severe diarrhea, with loose, watery stools often followed by bloody diarrhea.  Infections are manifested as meningitis, pneumonia, miscarriage, and a severe form of Guillain-Barré syndrome.  Campylobacters are carried in the intestinal tract of a wide variety of healthy wild and domestic animals, especially birds. 

Surveys of retail raw chicken show that anywhere from 20 to 100% are contaminated with Campylobacter.  Other possible sources of Campylobacter infection are unpasteurized milk, fruits and vegetables and untreated water.  Culture methods for isolation and detection of Campylobacter can take days, even weeks.

iQ-Check Campylobacter:

  • 24 hr enrichment in Bolton Broth greatly decreases time to results over other methods
  • Runs with the same thermal protocol as our other iQ-Check kits for Salmonella, E. coli, O157:H7, Listeria spp., and Limono.
  • All assays can be run at the same time
  • Systems available to fit low and high throughput labs

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