Australia: Salmonella cases blamed on raw eggs

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  • April 10, 2009

THE number of salmonella infections reported to NSW health authorities has jumped 37 per cent and poor handling of food, particularly raw eggs, is to blame.

The director of communicable diseases at NSW Health, Jeremy McAnulty, said there have been 1020 notifications of salmonellosis this year.

"Because only a small proportion of people seek care and are tested for salmonellosis, this represents an estimate of approximately 7000-8000 infections in NSW," he said.

NSW Health and the NSW Food Authority said investigations of recent outbreaks indicate the cause of infection is most likely poor handling of food.

Five of the outbreaks were due to foods containing raw eggs as the source, infecting more than 170 people. They occurred in a range of settings and there is no reason to believe there is any risk to the public, Dr McAnulty said.

"Anyone who gets salmonellosis should keep up their fluid intake and seek medical advice if symptoms persist," he said.

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