33 Belgian Aid Workers Get Food Poisoning in Nicaragua

April 14,2009

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MANAGUA At least 33 members of a Belgian aid brigade were sickened after consuming tainted food in Nicaragua, a Health Ministry official said.

The aid workers became ill after eating at a restaurant Saturday night in Tipitapa, a town located 26 kilometers (16 miles) north of Managua, Edmundo Sanchez, who is in charge of health monitoring for the ministry, told Radio Ya.

Some 100 Belgian aid workers are participating in a literacy project in the area, but only a third of them got sick, Sanchez said.

The aid workers were taken to the Edgard Lang Health Center, Manolo Morales Hospital and Lenin Fonseca Hospital in Managua for treatment.

The Belgians ate chicken and fried potatoes, and drank unbottled beverages at the restaurant in Tipitapa, which is home to some thermal springs, the health official said.

Six hours after eating, the aid workers began to experience stomach and muscle pain, vomiting, fever and diarrhea, Sanchez said.

The Belgians received medical treatment in time, Sanchez said, adding that health officials inspected the restaurant and an investigation was being conducted. EFE


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