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Quality Assurance & Compliance Supervisor

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Quality Assurance & Compliance





Job Description:

The Quality Assurance & Compliance Supervisor is responsible for ensuring daily compliance with the SQF Standard including: supervising the cleaning and sanitation of production areas; developing, maintaining, and reviewing quality control records and procedures; performing internal auditing; providing training for new employees in accordance with the SQF Standard; controlling and establishing set procedures in sanitation, production, and packaging of cheese and cream products in a safe manner to ensure the product meets quality specifications set by the company to fulfill customer specifications.

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Review and edit SSOPs, GMPs, and HACCP plans as needed.
- Conduct regular internal audits of the Food Safety (GMPs, HACCP) and Quality Systems (SOPs, SSOPs, GMP, etc), to identify weaknesses and opportunities for continuous improvement.
- Maintenance and preparation of quality assurance laboratory.
- Supervise, develop, and train lab technicians on testing methodologies, HACCP program, and other quality and food safety topics.
- Ordering of laboratory supplies, equipment, and parts.
- Address daily issues in the plant related to product quality non-conformance, quality problems on the line, raw material quality issues, etc.
- Investigate consumerís complaints and raw material non-compliances, plan and implement corrective actions.
- Conduct regular mock recalls and/or participate in real recall situations.
- Product processing and sample preparation.
- Documentation of lab results and data storage.
- Sample shipping.
- Support of non-QA/QC groups such as Production, Corporate, and Warehouse.
- Manage microbiological testing on finish product, raw materials, and environment.
- Manage the Hold & Release of finish product.
- Assist in completing non-conformance investigations.
- Review production and quality records for verification.
- Assist in audit preparation.
- Prepare and assist all external audits and regulatory inspections/audits, respond to audits; plan/implement corrective actions.
- Conduct employee training programs in English and Spanish (GMP, HACCP,HAZCOM, etc.)
- Perform additional testing on finish product as needed.
- Monitor quality of milk and cream.
- Audit and monitor employees and facility compliance to GMPís and HACCP Program.
- Conduct new employee orientation and training (GMP, Company Policies, PPE etc).


- Minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Microbiology, Food Science, or related field.
- Prefer Masters Degree in Biology, Microbiology or Cell Biology.
- Knowledge of the SQF Standard.
- 2+ years of laboratory experience in a food manufacturing environment
- Previous supervisory experience
- Knowledge of computers including but not limited to Microsoft office tools.
- Bilingual (English and Spanish).
- Food Safety and Quality Training.
- Cleaning and sanitation experience.
- Think critically.
- Employ basic Mathematics and Chemistry.
- Employ the Scientific Method in problem solving.
- Coordinate Logistics with regard to deliverables and schedules.
- Develop and rapidly deploy alternative logistical plans.
- Communicate effectively with a wide variety of groups and technical levels.
- A willingness to work in a lab and plant setting.
- A strong eye for detail.
- Superior planning skills.
- Good communication skills.


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