Tuesday, 21st April 2009

Scotland: Food poisoning: store link

Source of Article:  http://news.scotsman.com/health/Food-poisoning-store-link.5182741.jp


Published Date: 18 April 2009

THREE suspected cases of food poisoning have been linked to fish sold at a Tesco store in Inverness.

NHS Highland and Highland Council's environmental health team are investigating three cases of scombrotoxin poisoning which were diagnosed on Wednesday night.

The illness is caused by toxins produced in fresh fish that have not been stored at correct temperatures. The symptoms include flushing, sweating, headache, rash, diarrhoea and nausea. There are no long-term consequences.

Officers from Environmental Health investigating the cases established a link to fresh tuna steaks purchased from the Tescos Extra Store at the Inverness Retail Park on Wednesday.



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