Food Safety Manager - Pennsylvania

Salary Range:

To $55,000 +/-


Degree Required





Job Description:

Provide expert leadership in overseeing food safety initiatives that achieve the organization's food safety agenda and meet USDA and customer requirements.

Expertise in HACCP, GMP and SSOP programs, company policies / procedures and government regulations that contribute to Food Safety.

Lead and mentor Food Safety Technicians.

Prepare and review daily and weekly plant information including: NR's, microbial data and HACCP/SSOP trend indicators.

Implement corrective actions, special projects, and microbial validation studies to achieve food safety objectives.

Food Safety Liaison between Plant Management and Plant Customers and the facility's USDA-FSIS personnel.

Assist the Quality Assurance Manager to achieve Quality Assurance objectives.

Strive for continuous improvement in Food Safety.

Previous managerial experience in Food Safety or Quality Assurance is required.

Thorough knowledge of SSOP, GMP, and HACCP programs.
Basic understanding of Food Microbiology and Plant Sanitation.

Computer skills in Microsoft Office programs.

Excellent problem analysis skills.

Good oral and written communication skills.


MUST have previous Food Safety experience in a kill operation. ( Poultry, Pork, and/or Beef ).

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