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Beverage scientist / Food
Chew Innovation Lab - Cambridge, MA


Food Scientist for Boston Food Innovation Lab Start-Up

Job Description: Beverage Scientist

Chew Food Innovation Lab is looking for an organized and dedicated person in the position of Beverage Scientist. This is a great opportunity for someone who thinks outside of the box, is extremely detail-oriented, and enjoys being a part of an exciting company in the very early stages of formation.

Chew is about providing a solution to the world’s health and sustainability issues, one delicious bite, sip, or crunch at a time.

The founders have high-velocity work styles requiring them to be 'on the go' most of the time. The successful applicant must be self-motivated and have the ability to work unsupervised for part of the time.

The beverage scientist role requires someone who is an excellent planner, who possesses the ability to think ahead, and who can work without constant direction.

Normal office hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, however, this role regularly requires checking on things outside office hours and handling them as they surface. This is a job for an internally balanced, self-confident individual.

Some qualities we look for in a candidate:
- Comfortable working directly with senior-level directors in outside client partner companies.
- Detail-oriented, a careful listener and reader, and capable of adapting on the fly.
- Demonstrated ability to think outside the box: it’s the mindset of “anything is possible” that will differentiate between a good candidate and a great one!
- Deep knowledge of the consumer packaged goods industry, predominantly bottled beverages.
- Technical ingredient knowledge: ingredients research and supply knowledge
- Ability to absorb a high volume of information in a short amount of time, complete requests with little information, and learn the preferences of vastly different clients.
- Multi-tasking and project management skills: prioritizing, managing, and removing extraneous tasks and requests.
- Curious and intuitive: you must remain current so you can add more value in your work.


- Project lead on several projects at a time
- Co-create techniques with the culinary team to ensure repeatability, while having a comprehensive understanding of what’s possible in the manufacturing world. (This will be developed over time once you understand the particulars of each industry.)
- In everything we do, you MUST have one eye focused clearly on nutrition and how can improve on it
- A LOT of reading to ensure we stay current on trends and advancements within the industry
- Contribute ideas of products and techniques we should invest time and money into developing ourselves
- Be "on call" occasionally in the evenings or on weekends. Be comfortable with responding to issues and emails outside the scope of normal business hours (a start-up schedule does not adhere to a strict 9-5 workday)

- Minimum of a food/beverage science qualification
- Knowledge of shelf stability and natural techniques on how to extend the life of food and beverage products
- High-level understanding and practice of food nutrition
- Proven ability to work across multiple different categories within beverages
- Desire to change the world through giving people better choices, without sacrificing taste or enjoyment
- Be recently qualified to ensure you still believe everything is possible
- Understand that impossible is just a point in time, with the right dedication and work we will always find solutions to even the most difficult missions.
- We are HUGE believers in human energy: the successful candidate must add positive energy to the team
- Ability to think creatively with three clear filters:

1. How can I make this product as delicious as possible
2. How can I make this product as nutritious as possible
3. How can I make this product as sustainable as possible

- Willingness to help/support others, think creatively about how to maximize time, and push projects forward
- An interest in a long-term role
- Love and basic knowledge of food
- Strong organizational skills and be able to set up your department from scratch
- Have a strong personality and be fearless in “cracking the whip” when you feel deadlines are slipping
- Must be able to thrive in times of chaos
- Strong Excel computer skills to be able to create and maintain recipe database

Some “nice to have skills”
- Some kind of business background
- Creativity or at least an eye for creativity
- Adventurous palette
- Knowledge of the developments within the culinary world (in particular from within progressive cuisine)

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