India: Poisoned rotla, not slush caused tragedy

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26 Apr 2009, 0431 hrs IST, TNN

tragedy had struck the Thakore family when they had gathered for a get-together ahead of the wedding of two children in the family.

On Thursday Somi Thakore, 35, a widow who was the host of the function and Uday Malaji Thakore, 8, lost their lives.

One of the worst hit is Malaji Thakore, who works in the department of posts and the telegraph and has lost all his three children in the incident, including Mamta, 10, and Jagdeep, 7 Uday being the victim on Thursday.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) health officials strongly suspect that it was rotla poisoning that killed four children and an adult in Chainpura, Ranip since Wednesday. Investigations have revealed that bajra rotlas served to the affected children were made of flour that contained crushed pesticide tablets.

A total of 12 children had taken ill after consuming the rotis at a family get-together. Health officials of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) have reasoned that pesticide tablets, that are used to safeguard food grains, got crushed along with bajra.

"There is no question of the spurious ice-candy being the culprit as many who had consumed prior to the family members should have been affected. There is presence of organo-phosphorus compounds in the food that the affected family members had. Besides the symptoms of poisoning, convulsions, frothing and most of all respiratory arrests show that the poison had struck the central nervous system. This is typical of organo-phosphorus compounds," says a senior AMC health official.

At least one family member was discharged from Civil Hospital on Thursday.

The nine-odd patients who are still in Civil Hospital are being administered Atropine, an antidote for poisoning for recovery.





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