Salmonella Cases Linked To Pudding At Camp

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Mixer Used To Make Pudding Being Inspected

POSTED: 3:49 pm EDT April 29, 2009

CONCORD, N.H. -- A mixer used to make pudding was the source of salmonella that sickened children at a camp in Madison, N.H., this month, health officials said.

The Stone Environmental Camp voluntarily closed last week because of cases of salmonella diagnosed in camp attendees.

Department of Health and Human Services investigators determined that pudding served to the campers was contaminated with salmonella. The mixer used to prepare the pudding has been removed and is undergoing further testing.

"We are pleased that the source of the illness has been found," said David Freese, executive director of Stone Environmental Camp. "Our first priority, of course, is the safety of our campers, and we will be looking forward to reopening as soon as possible."

The food for the campers is prepared by Purity Springs, where the camp is located. Officials said the mixer is sanitized after each use, but a possible defect may have allowed bacteria to get to an area where it couldn't be cleaned out.

Health officials said Stone Environmental and Purity Springs cooperated with the investigation and worked with the state to locate the source of the problem.

More than 50 students from Woodbury Middle School in Salem, N.H., fell ill at the camp, and health officials determined that some of them had salmonella. Some students who attended the camp the following week also became ill, leading to the temporary closure of the camp.



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