Food Safety Specialist Minneapolis, MN

Company: Swanson Meats, Inc.

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         Job ID:CIF-FSS





         Major:Food Science




Job Types:

Food Safety, HACCP Coordinator

Job Description

Responsibilities include administration of Food Safety/HACCP/GMP program at USDA inspected meat processing plant.

Minimum Requirements (Please do not apply if you do not meet all minimum requirements): * Able to meet or exceed USDA standards for Food Safety education and certification. * Successful experience administering Food Safety/HACCP/GMP program(s) in a food manufacturing/processing environment. * Punctual * Accurate and attentive to details * Good verbal and written communication skills * Able to demonstrate eligibility to work in the United States.

Desired Qualifications: * Successful experience working in the meat industry * Familiarity with USDA labeling requirement and approval process * Successful supervisory experience



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