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The Food Safety Manager is responsible for managing the development, implementation and maintenance of food safety programs and activities.  Ensures all relevant quality and regulatory requirements are met for compliance with Federal and customer food safety requirements.  This position initiates solutions regarding food safety issues.


         Manages food safety functions to assure that all company products meet customer, corporate, quality and regulatory requirements.

         Oversees corrective actions and preventive measures are established, tracked and trended and that root cause elimination is completed for identified issues by appropriate function.

         Maintains and reviews documentation for food safety impact as required by regulatory agencies and corporate customers.

         Responsible for ensuring that internal and external audits are scheduled, performed and followed up.

         Responsible for development and maintenance of food safety metrics, which include:

1.       Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

2.       Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

3.       Good Handling Practices (GHP)

4.       Sanitary Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP)

5.       Security recommendations for ranches, storage areas, packing facilities, etc.

         Overseeing compliance with sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOP) and food safety programs. Communicates test results with management.

         Documents events, initiates reports and provides follow-up action for deficiencies noted in the onsite inspections and third-party audits.

         Responsibilities also include product and microbiological sampling and monitoring programs.



         BA/BS degree  related to biological or environmental science

         Minimum 5 years experience as a food safety expert with a premiere agricultural company

         Demonstrated ability to organize

         Energetic problem solver with good analytical and interpersonal skills

         Ability to communicate and work effectively as a team member

         Excellent written and oral communication skills

         Experience in developing, managing and auditing food safety programs and metrics


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