Job Code and Title

(9753) Lecturer  

Lecturer, Food Science and Nutrition Twin Cities, MN



Faculty and Instructional  

BC = 9 month special dates  

Annual renewable contract (K )  


Generally Mondays to Fridays  



$2500/credit; 100% base floor ~$33,400/year  

Food Science and Nutrition (412A)  

Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, College of  

Twin Cities  




Earned PhD in food science or nutrition or
Recognized substantial professional experience in food science and nutrition.
University level teaching experience and peer, student and/or self evaluations
Computer skills
Excellent organizational skills with attention to detail
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Ability to work independently as well as with a variety of people, especially students  

These part-time Lecturers, for a specific class, will:
- direct, prepare and deliver course and course material, including syllabus, exercises, quizzes, examinations, PowerPoint presentations, lectures, etc.
- evaluate students' work throughout the semester and advise students on their academic progress
- hold office hours on campus
- submit electronic final grades
- lead and supervise part time graduate student Teaching Assistants, if they are assigned to the class
- obtain and distribute, but not collect and submit to the administrative office, student course evaluation forms
- work with the Department to provide insight for the ongoing improvement of quality and efficiency the class
- work with other faculty members to be consistent in expectations of Teaching Assistants, academic expectations of students, curriculum covered, etc. (The position is to work with Professors Gary Reineccius, Francisco Diez, David E. Smith and Mindy Kurzer regarding University student/teaching policies and issues.)
These positions/appointments will provide professorial teaching support to about 6 classes in the 10-11 academic year. Classes known at this date to need hired lecturers are:
Fall 2010
FScN 3614 Nutr. & Educ. Counseling (one assist with the Nutr. & Educ. part (share in 2 of the 3 credits) and one Family Social Sci. clinical psychologist/ prof. teaches 1 of the 3 credits) (Enrollment ~ 90 students)
FScN 4665 Medical Nutrition Therapy I (Enrollment 80-90 students)

Spring 2010
possibly FScN 1112 Principles of Nutrition (Enrollment ~ 175)
FScN 4666 Medical Nutrition Therapy II (Enrollment 80-90 students)  

The mission of the Department is to conduct research, provide knowledge, and develop skills to improve human food and nutritional health. The integration of food science and nutrition has provided an exceptional opportunity for the Department to capitalize on the intersection of the areas of health and food systems. The Department plays a unique and important role in meeting human needs by training professionals and providing service in the fields of nutrition and food science. Many faculty members in the Department are nationally recognized scholars in a wide range of food science and nutrition focused areas; including food safety and microbiology, food processing, food flavor and sensory studies nutrition and health/disease prevention, nutrition and society/community, and nutrition education/culture. The Department employs 25 tenure/tenure track faculty members and 40 professional staff members. Current enrollments include over 400 undergraduate majors and over110 masters and doctoral students. For more information about faculty members, programs, and curriculum, see:  

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