New sanitiser to boost food hygiene standards

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By Mike Stones, 22-May-2009

A new water-based surface and utensil sanitiser promises to provide UK food and drink processors with a highly effective, safe, low cost and environmentally-friendly means of maintaining secure hygiene standards, claims its manufacturer Radical.

The Radical Water System uses naturally occurring biocides, generated by oxidation, to combat the harmful micro-organisms that can cause salmonella, listeria, e-coli and other common food hygiene related illnesses, says the company. It is effective against bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds and works by running a powerful electric current through water to create unstable molecules of oxygen. These are said to collide with micro-organisms killing them on contact.

Since the system kills by collision, the micro-organisms cannot develop a resistance which can be a risk with chemical-based sanitisers such as chlorine.

Sanitising system

Mark Fielding, Radical’s managing director said: “In response to the ever-increasing demands placed upon the food industry, we have developed our revolutionary technology to create an unrivalled sanitising system. The Radical Water System is not only extremely effective in providing a long-term guard against unwanted micro-organisms, it does so in a way which keeps costs down for the manufacturer whilst at the same time being safe and environmentally-friendly.”

Field trials and tests with Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association have proved the effectiveness of the system in delivering immediate sanitisation and that regular use over time reduces harmful background micro-organisms, ensuring a consistently safe and hygienic environment, he added.

In using only naturally occurring substances which do not impact on the environment, the Radical Water System dispenses with the need for chemicals. The ozonated water created by the process is safe to handle, leaves no taints or residues, and breaks down after use into water and oxygen, claimed the company.

Production efficiencies

It is also said to involve less downtime than chemical-based sanitisers resulting in improved production efficiencies. Unlike chemical sanitisers, there are no hazardous substances involved and therefore no COSHH requirements.

The system can be incorporated into the manufacturer’s existing infrastructure and requires only water and electricity to operate. Low running costs helps the Radical Water System generate cost savings after just six to 12 months, claimed the company.


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