Azerbaijani members of parliament: mass food poisoning in military unit is not provocation

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27.05.09 16:47

Azerbaijan, Baku, May 27 /Trend News, J. Babayeva/

Azerbaijani members of parliament say mass food poisoning in the Garaheybat Troop Training Center in Garadagh District of Baku is not provocation.

"There are no substantial arguments to blame outside forces for the mass food poisoning in the military unit. Every issue must be taken under control so that nothing will intervene with the army building process," Chairman of the National Security and Defense Committee of the parliament and MP Zahid Oruj told Trend News.

As many as 164 soldiers have been hospitalized with the Military Clinic Hospital for mass food poisoning in the Garaheybat Troop Training Center in Garadagh district of Baku.

A total of 158 soldiers returned to the service place after examination. Six of them are still undergoing treatment as extra diseases have been revealed in them. Their condition is satisfactory.

The Military Prosecutor Office has filed a suit over the case.

Oruj said regulations must be strictly observed in a large institution such as army. "Food security, hygienic norms and exercising control over them are major tasks," he said.

The public can not exercise control over internal condition of every unit of the army, he said.

"It is impossible to control food regime and mutual relations in the army. The units are required to punish those responsible for such facts so that to prevent it. Negative cases such as mass food poisoning affect army units, defense sector and security. Such cases must be a message for us," Oruj said. 

"This incident shows that Azerbaijani army has a mechanism to respond to irregularities in time and take immediate measures. News about food poisoning does not mean that the army faces problems," head of the Group for Public Control over Army and member of parliament Aydin Mirzazade told Trend News.

Mirzazade said army is a complicated mechanism and it can encounter temporary problems. "The army is valuable specifically when it addresses to problems in time and measures are taken to prevent it," he said.

He said there is mechanism of public control over the army. Visits to military units in the regions testify to it.

The Group for Public Control over Army composed of representatives of the Defense Ministry, member of parliament and NGO representatives was launched after military hazing facts in the Azerbaijani army were investigated in October 2008.



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