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Food Scientist
Boise Idaho Food Manufacturer - Nampa, ID

Food Scientist

Reports to: R& D Manager
1. The selected person will be supporting R&D tasks and goals. Assist in Overall organization of the processing kitchen. Assist in developing formulas and compound Flavors to meet customer needs and sales requests. Assist in developing new business through contacts and meetings.

1. Compound and modify Flavors ensuring correct blending of materials
2. Set up taste panels and participate in tasting new products and flavors.
3. Maintain stock of supplies.
4. Write formulas to create new flavors.
5. Prepare cost data for formula development.
6. Run reaction products as well as prepare extracts and emulsions.
7. Prepare specification sheets for customers.
8. May execute other projects or perform other duties as required by the Division.
9. Develop, duplicate and modify formulations. 10.Create finished samples and arrange for completed products/samples to be shipped to customers. 11.Conduct product presentations for internal/external customers. 12. Monitor and test trial plant production to ensure compliance with culinary, health, safety and sanitation standards. 13.Laboratory analysis of final products to ensure compliance with labeling standards, food consistency and adherence to cost standards. 14.Establish appropriate quality control standards and specifications including adherence to HACCP program, FDA certification and AIB inspections. 15.Maintain accurate project files, formulas, specifications and data.
16. Develop Project timelines that are acceptable to management, marketing and R&D Manager.
17. Assist in new product trials runs in Production.

2. Create New Product Specifications

  • Request information from suppliers, nutritional information, Percentage Range, Ingredient Deck, Allergens.
  • Formulate percentages of each ingredient using format already in place, Water, Oil, Pre-dust, Batter, Breader, etc.
  • Create a new ingredient for each item with the info from suppliers in Genesis.
  • Ingredient breakdown list of all the sub ingredients to formulate the exact percentages for creating ingredient statement from Genesis to create new recipes (format already in place).
  • Create the new recipe in Genesis (Percentages, breakdown to list all the ingredients in order, etc.)
  • Create finished product specification under GAA format using info from Genesis.
  • Review everything (percentages, spelling, formats, etc.)
  • Print a copy and file on book for finished product specifications located in R&D lab.

Modify Existing Specification

  • Get batch ticket from Inventory Manager
  • If we do not have info from suppliers it must be requested.
  • Verify ingredients in Genesis for those ingredients; if they are not available then create new ingredients in Genesis.
  • Ingredient breakdown list of all the sub ingredients to have the exact percentage this is to help us when we go to Genesis to create the new recipe.
  • Create in Genesis new recipe or modify existing recipe, use all the above information to create. (Percentages, breakdown to list all the ingredients in order, etc.)
  • Create finished product specification under GAA format using info from Genesis.
  • Review Everything (Percentages, Spelling, Formats, etc.)
  • Print a copy and file in book for finished product specifications located in the R&D lab.


o Knowledge of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words and grammar.
o Mathematics Mathematical calculations related to product monitoring
o Production, Processing and R&D Knowledge of raw materials, quality assurance, costs, finished products, manufacture/distribution of goods and R&D procedures.
o Active Listening Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand points being made and asking questions as appropriate.
o Excellent Reading comprehension.
o Conveying information effectively
o Efficient time management
o Critical thinking use reasoning to identify solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.
o Judgment and decision making Considering costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one.
o Computer skills and use of standard lab equipment
o Proven ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.


o Minimum college grad with internship experience.
o Preferred BS in Food Science/Culinary or currently seeking
o Preferred but not required minimum 2 years experience in a food manufacturing environment.

Full-time to Flexible time.

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