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Newark, DE


$65000 - $80000

Date Listed:

May 27, 2010

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Full Time

Suggested Degree Level: Bachelor of Science

General Comments:

Food Scientist - Bakery to update, develop and communicate the physiochemical technical data of the Companys ingredient products; develop, document, and communicate formulation and nutritional labeling aspects of formulations using the Companys ingredients; and assist customers with formulations that incorporate the Companys ingredient products. He/she will provide technical assistance to the Companys Technical Services team, sales team, distributors, customers and affiliates throughout North America and globally as required. Also, work with customers and Technical Service to identify formulation challenges, solve problems and develop new, innovative ideas. He/she will help the Company identify market trends and suggest new applications and ingredients to help the company respond to market demands.

Key Result Areas:

Application Development - To develop relevant food applications and update application data for existing ingredient products. Create innovative formulations that demonstrate the advantages, superiority, and added value of the Companys products. Complete additional research using Companys test kitchen and laboratory facilities on new applications for ingredient products (existing and new products). Identify formulation challenges, solve problems and develop new, innovative ideas.

Technical Data - To create, update, and maintain technical manuals for all company products. Perform or outsource necessary application testing to update data on existing and new ingredient products. Advise management on the merits of proposed food technology research by outside parties. Provide collaboration and support to production/manufacturing in the area regarding the Companys new and existing ingredient products. Assist the company in identifying opportunities to market ingredient products (new or existing) to new sectors of the food industry or through new applications.

Sales Support - To provide collaboration and support in the area of food technology to Technical Service, sales personnel, customers, distributors, and agents as required. Assist with marketing efforts at food industry trade shows (IFT, FISA, etc). Provide support to customers and prospective customers in the development of new food products incorporating the Companys ingredients. Assist with the development of new food and supplement products for direct marketing by the Company, as required.

Communications - To write reports and present results of findings through presentations and e-mail updates. Present recent research and existing technical/nutritional data at conferences, including trade events, customer symposiums, etc., as well as company media activities, including writing articles for trade publications, company newsletters, etc.

Selection Criteria:

1.) Experience in processed foods industry. Experience working with modified starches, hydrocolloids, high potency sweeteners, and flavors, a plus.
2.) Demonstrated analytical and problem-solving skills required for formulation work.
3.) Good written and oral communication skills. Flexible interpersonal skills, with an ability to interact effectively across all levels of the organization and in a variety of cultures both internal and external.
4.) Good planning and organizational skills.
5.) Self starter, able to work independently with minimal direction.
6.) Approximately 20% travel will be required.
7.) Bachelors degree in food science, chemistry or related scientific field (e.g. engineering, nutrition, food technology).

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