Poland: Dozens poisoned with salmonella

Source of Article:  http://polskieradio.pl/thenews/national/artykul110178_dozens_poisoned_with_salmonella.html


15.06.2009 15:38

Twenty-four people have been poisoned with salmonella in the south-eastern city of Przemysl following consumption of ice cream.


The first cases of salmonella poisoning were reported at the Main Sanitary Inspectorate on Friday evening. So far, twenty-four people have been diagnosed with the bacteria and three have been hospitalized in Przemysl.


All patients suffered severe poisoning but, after treatment, are feeling much better.


Salmonella bacillus, the cause of the poisoning, was discovered in ice-cream. “The shop which sold poisoned ice-cream has been closed and the staff is under observation,” said Adam Sidor from the Sanitary Inspectorate in Przemysl. (mg/mmj)


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