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Laboratory Tech III


Grand Prairie, Texas



The function of this job is to perform professional analytical and microbiological testing of food products, ingredients, and environmentals. The position entails responsibility for application and evaluation of approved microbiological techniques and methodologies used in analytical testing of food products/environmentals. The position works closely with the Lab Supervisor in the daily functions associated with the laboratory. The scope of laboratory tests performed will be directed by the proficiency level the technician has successfully demonstrated and authorized to perform. This position is commonly referred to as a special projects microbiologist due to the more technical nature of the scope of work and involvement in special projects.


  • Apply aseptic/microbiological techniques in daily workload and prepare and analyze samples for indicator organisms, pathogens, and chemistries according to acceptable methods
  • Independently pursue an assigned series of processes, procedures, or techniques in accordance with Food Safety Net Services Methods Manual, Quality Manual, Chemical Hygiene Plan, Safety Manual, and approved laboratory procedures
  • Accurately perform and read test results and notify Laboratory Manager of deviations
  • Prepare media and reagents as needed for daily microbiological testing
  • Maintain a high degree of technical competence by reading scientific journals, attending professional workshops, and being aware of food industry issues and trends
  • Report inventory and expendable supplies/materials needed for testing requirements
  • Provide routine preventive maintenance by daily cleaning, sanitizing, trash disposal, and equipment quality control
  • Assist in quality control duties to by taking incubator temperatures, inoculating control organisms, running media controls etc., and other laboratory quality control procedures including quality control documentation
  • Assist with training and research assignments
  • Maintain safe, efficient, and compliant lab operations, to include equipment maintenance and purchasing supplies
  • Assist with the coordination of sample collection, transport, and receiving maintaining customer satisfaction while achieving desired business results
  • Assist with managing priorities and schedule such that individual goals as well as team goals are achieved with encouraged participation in the Food Safety Net Services team
  • Responsible for the safety of oneself and others working within their area
  • Responsible for the completion of required training
  • Travel is required and at the discretion of management


All employees hired directly into a technologist level will have 90 calendar days from date of hire to be proficient in the noted areas.

  • Need to have competency in all duties listed in previous tech levels


  • Can conduct training as required for Tech I and IIís
  • Frequent successful client contact
  • Demonstrates a functional working knowledge of the ISO 17025 Quality System and assist in the administration of the system within the lab
  • Proficient in all other duties (Safety, Quality/Equipment, Bio safety)
  • Minimum of 2 years customer service experience
  • Ability to travel when necessary
  • Ability to problem-solve and interpret written methods
  • Ability to make informed decisions on sample disposition and reporting
  • Working closely with lead or supervisor in decision making
  • Flexibility in scheduling and covering shifts
  • Proficient in the opening and closing duties of Path Lab
  • Engaging leads, supervisors, and managers in decision making
  • Proficient in all areas of the lab (Log-In, Main, Media, Path)

Pathogen Lab:

  • Maintain Stock cultures
  • Knowledge of all qualitative, quantitative testing, and confirmations performed
  • Resource for all technicians in Path and Main Lab
  • Proficient in the approval process including second approval
  • Excellent aseptic technique and use of the biological hood
  • Understanding of client specs
  • Ability to make decisions when the Tech IV, Lead, or Supervisor is not available
  • Proficient in prioritizing reports and meeting TAT
  • Managing client expectations
  • Ensuring all Path Lab duties are complete and the end of the shift
  • Ensuring daily, weekly, and monthly sanitation and QC are complete
  • Help resolve technical issues with machines, calling a representative to troubleshoot
  • Successful performance in proficiency testing for all path lab analyses on A2LA Scope (<2 Z-Score)
  • Training of new employees
  • Versed in GMP/GLP, FDA, USDA, AOAC, and other method reference sources
  • Manage workload and ensure TAT is met by delegation of work to self and others


  • Perform other duties as assigned


  • This job may have supervisory responsibilities
  • Carries out responsibilities in accordance with organization's policies and applicable laws
  • Responsibilities may include interviewing, training, directing work, and appraising performance


  • BS degree in Life Science or related field
  • Masters degree in Life Science or related field preferred
  • Two years of analytical laboratory experience
  • Three or more years experience in a commercial food-testing laboratory preferred
  • Working knowledge of aseptic sampling technique, automated lab equipment, and acceptable methods and procedures
  • Familiarity with GMP , OSHA guidelines, FDA, BAM, APHA, and Compendium methods and procedure
  • Broad knowledge of concepts, practices, and procedures of a food testing laboratory
  • Or equivalent combination of education and experience

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