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HACCP Coordinator

Food Safety & Quality Assurance




10446097 HACCP Coordinator

Full Time



SUMMARY: This position is responsible for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) which is a science-based process designed to ensure the safety of processed foods. Food processing procedures are analyzed by individual processing plants to identify the most important points at which food safety hazards can be reduced or eliminated. Each plant's HACCP Program must be approved by USDA, who closely monitors program implementation and data collected. This position is responsible for food safety, food quality, and legality. The HACCP Coordinator is responsible for the development, implementation, maintenance, and validation of the Plant's HACCP Program and food safety systems as well as the training and certification of Management, QA and HACCP Monitors.

Education: Requires broad knowledge in general professional or technical field. Knowledge is normally acquired through four years of college resulting in a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in an academic field directly related and essential to the job being evaluated.
Experience: 1 year in FS/QA or equivalent training and/or experience preferred. Experience in a "Ready to Eat plant" environment preferred.
ComputerSkills: Requires basic computer skills including generating simple letters, spreadsheets and/or graphics for business use or creating simple queries.
Supervisory: NA
Travel: NA




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