India: 200 hospitalized for food poisoning in Kotputli

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20 Jun 2009, 0331 hrs IST, TNN

JAIPUR: Around 200 people were admitted to Kotputli's BDM hospital on Thursday night after they complained of diarrhoea and vomiting.

District administration said that 145 patients suffered food poisoning after eating at a family feast. Their condition was said to be stable. Unofficial sources, however, claimed the patient tally to be around 200.

There were reports that use of contaminated or synthetic milk may have resulted in food poisioning but officials denied adulteration in food.

"Though the serving of food began early in the evening, it wasn't until midnight that the initial cases started to arrive," an official from the district collector's office said. "It appears to be a case of poisoning caused by consumption of spoiled food, but the cause can only be ascertained after laboratory tests of food items," he added.

Health department officials have collected food samples and possibilities are being expressed that the milk made sweets spoiled due to improper storage might have caused the mass food poisoning. Senior administrative officials visited the spot and inquired about the condition of the patients and the local hospital has been instructed to deliver free treatment to all the food poisoning victims.

Recently there had been multiple cases of food poisoning resulting from various cases mostly due to human negligence it's the life of hundreds of people is put on stake. The lack of awareness towards food and cooking hygiene and increase in supply of adulterated eatables is also a major contributing reason.


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