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Tara Harper

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Description Food Technologist
Develop and execute food product projects; Participate in medium to large food process technology projects and programs which include: scale up, new product introductions, quality improvements, improved productivity and operations capacity; Provide information to manufacturing facilities concerning projects, processes, and methods and give general direction to assigned teams; Develop processes and procedures to increase cost-effectiveness and optimize product development cycle times­, oven operations and principles, dough mixing and sheeting, and cold forming technology; Support plant testing processes to ensure long-term quality of product manufacturing; Write and issue plant test/ startup reports; Confirm production formulas and issue SAP production formulas to the plant; Conduct a variety of scientific tests on new product ideas, ingredients, formulas, and processing using the SAP Recipe Management System for ingredient specification and product formulation development; Develop and conduct experiments using the Design of Experiments to evaluate and test new product ideas, ingredients, and processing.
Candidates must have a Bachelor's degree in Food Science, Food Engineering, Dairy Technology or in a related field of study and a minimum of three (3) years of experience as a Food Technologist.


Apply to Kellogg North America Company, Attn: Tara Harper, Ref. #09120 One Kellogg Square, Battle Creek, MI 49016.

Source - Battle Creek Enquirer - Battle Creek, MI

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