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FSU Professor Creating Test Strip to Find Hidden Fish Allergens and Pork in Everyday Food

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Posted: 8:01 PM Jun 30, 2009
Last Updated: 8:01 PM Jun 30, 2009
John Rogers

Food experts say many everyday foods you eat could have ingredients you'd never think traces of pork in ground beef.

FSU Food Scientist Peggy Hsieh has received grants to make two types of testing strips that everyday people can use to test what they eat.

One of the strips will be able to detect fish allergens in food, while another strip will detect traces of pork fat, which could be a relief for many who observe religious customs.

FSU Food Sciences Professor Peggy Hsieh says, "Billions of Muslim people and Jewish people, they do not allow to eat any kind of form of pork."

Hsieh says research for the pork fat strips should take two years, while research on the fish allergen strips should be done in three years


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