Hong Kong: 13 ill in suspected food-poisoning cases

Source of Article:  http://www.news.gov.hk/en/category/healthandcommunity/html/b32e9c93-ac13-450f-8f90-a3cf89209470.htm


July 7, 2009

The Centre for Health Protection is investigating two suspected food poisoning cases involving 13 people who ate at two restaurants belonging to the same group.


Two men and a woman aged 32 to 60 dined at a Jordan restaurant at Woo Sung Street on July 5. They came down with food poisoning symptoms 22 to 26.5 hours afterwards, and two sought medical treatment.


On the same day, four men and six women aged 13 to 76 ate at a restaurant at the junction of Austin and Nathan Roads. They had similar symptoms 12 to 28 hours after the meal. Two consulted private doctors.


All the patients are now in stable condition.


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