New Food Safety Technology Developed for Liquid Egg Products

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Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists have filed a patent on technology that can protect pasteurized liquid eggs from food safety threats. The technology, called "crossflow microfiltration membrane separation" (CMF), is more effective than thermal pasteurization at removing pathogens from liquid egg products. And it does so without affecting the eggs' ability to foam, coagulate and emulsify, meaning that CMF-treated eggs could be safely substituted for pasteurized eggs in angel food cake and other products where those characteristics are desired. Although effective in its own right, CMF works best when used as an accompaniment to pasteurization, not a replacement for it. Combining the two processes significantly reduces the pathogen load.


Scientific contact: Sudarsan Mukhopadhyay, (215) 233-6600, ARS Eastern Regional Research Center, Wyndmoor, Pa.


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