Senior R&D - Product Development Food Sc Springfield, MA

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Address: 235 State St., Suite 326,
Springfield, MA
Zip: 01103

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Senior R&D - Product Development Food Sc

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Consumer-Packaged-Goods - R&D-Research-Management


$100,000 to $200,000


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The Product Development Specialist formulates a variety of nutritional products, with emphasize on food products including infant formula, toddler and adult nutritional products.
Responsible for coordinating all development and commercialization activities. Manage development activist and works with co-packers to establish manufacturing procedures, specifications and processing technologies as well as providing technical support to co-packers.

Products include natural, organic and conventional infant, toddler and adult Nutritionals; dairy and soy based nutraceuticals produced by various manufacturing processes including liquid batching, pasteurization (HTST and UHT), spray drying retorting and or aseptic process.

Products developed contain ingredients including protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, stabilizers, antioxidants, flavor systems, fiber, prebiotic and probiotic and novel ingredients.


BS, MS or PhD in Food Science, Food Technology, Food Engineering.

10+ years experience in product development of food nutritional products developing complex and successful product introductions.

Experience with retort processing, food chemistry, emulsion systems, flavor systems and protein interactions relating to manufacturing of stable food products for maximum shelf life.

Experience in managing all phases of new product development including confirming new product prototype design and establishing time lines for project completion.

Project management, commercial product launches and product development with co-packers.


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