Bulgaria: Mass salmonella poisoning in Pazardjik

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Photo: Ivan Grigorov

The microbiological laboratory in Pazardjik has confirmed that the cause of the mass poisoning that affected 22 people in the town of Pazardjik from an Arab-run schwarma fast food outlet is attributed to salmonella enteritidis, news.plovdiv24.com has reported.

Initially, 19 people were admitted to the emergency ward, followed by another three, including a three-year-old child. "Salmonella enteritidis is the cause of contamination," said doctor Fani Petkova. "The last two patients arrived late on June 13. The source of the problem is the Ali Baba fast food outlet in Pazardjik. Of the 22 affected, 11 have already been released, whereas the condition of the people who remain hospitalised is stable," she said.

Data from the final analysis released by the laboratory in Pazardjik says that "salmonella, extracted from the eggs with which mayonnaise sauce was made for the doners, caused micro-biologic poisoning".

The outlet has been closed until further notice. Currently, there is an ongoing investigation, while the owner of the establishment, said to be of Arabian background but of undisclosed identity, has been given the maximum fine of 5000 leva.

It was revealed that the enterprise had been checked four times since the turn of the year. During the last investigation, conducted on June 12, a document was signed obliging the owner to "improve the hygiene" as it was considered to be "inadequate". In the previous examination, performed in March, the owner was told to use only "egg powder for the mayonnaise", which he failed to comply with.

The authorities in Pazardjik have said that a "serious operation was mounted, involving many inspectors, to survey all fast food outlets in Pazardjik. The control will be heightened and maintained, for all establishments in the region serving risk foods.".



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