Customer claims she heard McDonalds worker reveal Hepatitis A diagnosis

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July 21, 2009

MILAN, Illinois - A Milan woman says she was a customer inside the McDonalds when she heard a worker trying to tell a manager she had tested positive for Hepatitis A.

The woman says she was waiting in line to order at the McDonalds in Milan on June 25th, when she heard employee Cheryl Schram approach a manager behind the counter.

''She came out and she said Michelle, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis A'', said the woman who doesn't want her name used. ''I was in there and I heard her say that''.

The woman said she didn't think alot about it until after she saw an interview with Cheryl Schram on News 8 Monday night.

''I didn't put 2 and 2 together until I saw Miss Schram on T.V. last night. I told my dad that was the lady in McDonalds talking to the manager about Hepaitits A''.

Schram tested positive at the McDonalds back on June 16th, and spent four days in Trinity West Hospital.

She insists she told McDonalds she was infected on June 25th. The company says it didn't know anything until July 13th, when it was notified by the Rock Island County Health Department.

The customer says she knows what she heard that day. ''I swear on my mothers grave''.

The lapse in reporting and who dropped the ball is under investigation.


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