Date Listed:

Jul 20, 2009

Job Type:

Full Time

Food Technologist Erie, PA


Suggested Degree Level: Bachelor

General Comments:

Responsible for designing, developing and evaluating prototypes and new product lines. Run sensory product
panels and coordinate product cuttings. Responsible for project management from product development to
commercialization. Assist the sample order department on an as needed basis.

(Product Development)
Develop and prepare new/revised formulations in the Product Development Lab and pilot plant. Be able to identify potential cost reductions, alternate ingredients or overall formula optimization.
Must be familiar with manufacturing procedures relative to the bakery and topping plant and be knowledgeable about product produced there. This will entail project work at these facilities and ability to identify potential processing optimization.
Participate in group brainstorming of new or revised products; investigate opportunities and ideas for new products. Stay current on new technologies in ingredients/processing via trade magazine and other pertinent sources.
Coordinate sensory panels on storage study items or products that represent changes in operating procedures. Work with technicians in compiling data and results.
Design storage studies on new products or alternate ingredients. Coordinate these studies with Sample Processing Specialist or Product Development Technician.
Lead scale up of product from bench to production. Issue specifications for raw materials, formulations, packaging, etc. that are in compliance with FDA and USDA regulations and CN program as applicable.
Ensure all personal Product Development projects are up-to-date, complete and files are available in a centralized location or are easily attainable. Keep an accurate and organized notebook.
Maintain supplies and equipment in Product Development, pilot plant and dry storage area. This will include ordering rotation of ingredients to ensure top quality of all samples.
Establish and maintain contacts with various supplier representatives and their technical service departments.
Assist in the evaluation of quality problems with Quality Assurance and manufacturing that requires technical expertise, and outline further testing steps and procedures as needed.
Responsible for setting any testing procedures or parameters for measuring product quality, especially for new items.
Work in conjunction with Sample Processing Specialists in preparing initial sample orders of new or revised products.
Keep Product Development lab, pilot plant and storage areas in a neat, orderly and sanitary fashion
Perform special duties and projects as directed by the Product Development Manager.
Responsible for researching and staying current on the latest information in regard to sensory.
Responsible for establishing and optimizing sensory methodology used by the company. Once established, train and document new procedures.
Assist Sales & Marketing in designing specific programs for their requirements (i.e. surveys, focus groups, trained panels).
Act as a resource for group in setting up sensory panels and data evaluation.
Establish and/or research computerized system for sensory evaluation.

Education: Prefer a B.S. in Food Science/Technology, Nutrition or any related science field. Will accept an Associates Degree in Food Science and Nutrition field with a minimum of 5 years experience in product development.
Experience: With B.S., one to three years experience in food product development, quality assurance or related scientific field. Bakery and/or frozen food industry preferred.

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