Wednesday 23 July, 2008



Trinidad: 90 Police Trainees Suffer Food Poisoning

By Claudia Liburd

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PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad- Approximately 90 police trainees at the Police Training Academy at the St. James Barracks were rushed to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital after consuming catered lunches of pork, meat-fish, turkey and rice and peas.

Reportedly, the trainees complained of a foul odor coming from the food but were forced to consume the meal for which they are required to pay a total of TT $60 per day. Immediately after consuming the food the trainees began to suffer from vomiting and diarrhea reports from the camp indicate.

Hospital reports indicate that they were treated for about 2-3 hours and sent to the Oral Rehydration (OR) Room where they received hydration through injections and intravenous drips after which they were discharged. While some were able to return to their homes in Southern Trinidad others were forced to return to the barracks.

One anonymous source said, “These trainees are being victimized. The living conditions at the training centre are deplorable. There are only two toilets and three bathrooms in horrible conditions which both men and women trainees have to use. These bathrooms in a mess and the trainees have to use their own money to buy fixtures.”

Further unconfirmed reports indicate that the trainees are being forced to train in the vicinity of scaffolding and other such construction material as the barracks are being renovated. It was further indicated that up to 20 trainees share a 10X 10 foot barrack.

In response to the food poisoning fiasco, trainees are now calling upon the local Police Association to shut down the barracks ‘before the situation escalates’.


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