R&D Engineer-Food Science/Confectionary /Chemistry Los Angeles, CA
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Job Location: LOS ANGELES, CA

A company located in Southern CA is looking for an R&D Research Scientist.


-> Provide leadership to champion new innovative ideas and transform into presentable and commercializable protocepts and prototypes
-> Ability to identify, capture and commercialize new opportunities using customer/marketing insights and existing/new technologies
-> Ability to run and monitor bench-top, and manufacturing scale-up batches. Provides technical and scientific input, support and assistance to other technical disciplines
-> Provide leadership to ideate and develop commercializable innovative products and platforms
-> Provides effective and functional technical leadership for all bar innovation and development from ideation/pre-formulation to commercialization, utilizing standard best practices and procedures with hands on formulating, scale up and commercialization su


-> A four year college or university degree or its equivalent in Chemistry, Food Science, Chemical Engineering
-> Masters Degree preferred
-> Must have four years experience of industry formulation development experience
-> Must have experience with controlled food products and/or functional foods product development, processing equipment and techniques and regulatory requirements
-> Strong confectionary experience, hands-on formulation and scale up experience
-> Must have a firm foundation in chemistry and/or food science


-> Great Benefits
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