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Senior Food Technologist Ė Rochester, NY






This position will provide technical support o customerís private brands product development process to maintain customerís high quality standards. Evaluates products for sensory as well as analytical conformance to specifications and standards. Candidate must be flexible and adaptable to change with a strong sense of purpose that works well with minimal supervision and is assertive in the pursuit of quality and accuracy.


Essentail Functions:

  • Product development and R&D.
  • Reviews specifications to assure accuracy and completeness of required data such as ingredients, nutritional data, certifications and compliance with all FDA, USDA, state and local quality grades & standards of identity as well as customerís standards.
  • Keep current on federal and state regulations for products and packaging.
  • Evaluate both food & non-food products for sensory as well as analytical conformance to specifications and standards.
  • Present/ report findings to appropriate management. Hold informal and formal product cuttings.
  • Communicate with vendors to provide assistance in the resolution of issues or concerns regarding product quality that arise from product evaluations and recommend solutions
  • Supports process improvements & shares best practices
  • Meets established deadlines and handles time-sensitive matters with appropriate urgency




  • Bachelorís degree in food technology or related food science curriculum or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Strong knowledge of quality assurance principles, practices and procedures
  • Knowledge of GMPs, HACCP and food safety regulations for manufacturing.
  • Knowledge of various food processing methods: retorts, hot & cold filing applications, pasteurization etc.
  • Adept with basic mathematics such as in product formulations and food/nutrition analysis; conversions to metric, weights vs volumes, grams vs %DV on a Nutrition Facts panel.
  • Knowledge of sensory and sampling techniques.
  • Knowledge of basic lab equipment, such as pH meter, viscometer, and microscope.
  • Good analytical ability to gather and interpret technical information including third party test results and to develop, recommend and implement solutions
  • Basic understanding of key food attributes and food safety parameters.
  • Interpersonal savvy: relates well to all kinds of people and can build appropriate rapport
  • Adapts to change;  Makes decisions with flexibility;  Deals with ambiguity
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; Attention to detail & accuracy
  • Achieves results for internal customers with excellent time management, organizational skills and ability to multitask
  • Excellent administrative, managerial, communication and organizational skills.
  • Strong PC skills Ė MS Word, Excel, Internet, Outlook




  • Managing multiple facets of the business
  • First-time managers
  • Managing significant expansions of the business

International Assignments

  • Domestic to International assignments and vice versa
  • Develop a global program
  • Work with the global sourcing team

Cross Moves

  • Staff to line or line to staff transition
  • From stand alone act to hub and spoke or vice versa

Chair Projects/Task Groups

  • Manage one-time events
  • Lead new initiative into implementation, share groups

Influence w/o Authority

  • Managing a cross functional team
  • Selling Daymonís value proposition to a new customer

Member of Project Groups

  • Cross-functional team
  • Multi-customer exposure

Scale Assignment (size)

  • Role transition, sizable increase in size of the job (number of people, locations, layers or size of budget)


  • Opening a new account
  • Develop a new line of products, forge a new team
  • Establish overseas operations




  • Managing and Measuring Work 
  • Motivating Others
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Sizing Up People
  • Customer Focus
  • Developing Others
  • Interpersonal Savvy
  • Managing Diversity
  • Planning
  • Priority Setting
  • Integrity and Trust
  • Command Skills
  • Directing Others
  • Conflict Managemen
  • Dealing with Ambiguity

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