Stip teen treated from Montenegro's food poisoning dies


Monday, 04 August 2008

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8.4.08 Barbara Lazarova (18), who was treated from foodborne illness, passed away late Sunday at Skopje-based Nephrology Clinic.

Barbara was poisoned while on vacation in Budva, Montenegro, probably by improper food. Several other girls from Stip, who vacated with Barbara, also showed similar symptoms, but their health condition has since improved.

Due to the girl's worsening state, Health Minister Bujar Osmani compiled Sunday a team of top-class doctors, who undertook all measures in line with global treatment protocols.

Serbian media have informed on the outbreak of meningitis in Montenegro, whereas country's authorities announced registered cases of meningitis in Podgorica and Danilovgrad. However, they denied the occurrence of meningitis in tourist resorts.



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