Mass food poisoning blamed on lobster

August 03, 2008

The Hamilton Spectator
(Aug 2, 2008)


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The culprit in one of the city's largest food poisoning outbreaks is a bacteria Hamilton public health officials have never encountered before.

Fifty-five people fell ill after attending a barbecue July 18 for staff in a subdivision of ArcelorMittal Dofasco or eating leftovers. A public health investigation determined the source of the outbreak was Vibrio parahaemolyticus bacteria from inadequately pre-cooked lobster tails.

The caterer was the Village Green Bistro in Westdale.

The common bacteria occurs naturally in oceans and can be present in undercooked seafood.

Dr. Chris Mackie, associate medical officer of health for the city, said Hamilton usually experiences a couple of food-borne illness outbreaks each year. But this is the first time this bacteria has been reported in the city.

"This is a large outbreak for Hamilton," Mackie said.

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