Hong Kong: Food poisoning cases
(08-01 20:54)

Source of Article:  http://www.thestandard.com.hk/breaking_news_detail.asp?id=1740&icid=3&d_str=20080801

A total of 10 people have come down with suspected food poisoning after having a lunch buffet in a hotel in Tung Chung.

According to the Centre for Health Protection, four men and six women, aged between 27 and 43, developed gastroenteritis symptoms including abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting, three to eight hours after a lunch.

One person has consulted a private doctor but no hospital stay is required. The center said further investigation is still on-going.

In a separate case, two men and five women, aged between 23 and 55, developed food poisoning symptoms after having meals in a Chinese restaurant in Sheung Wan on July 17 and yesterday.

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