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The Food Scientist position is responsible for providing project leadership for new product development and product improvement. Other responsibilities include, managing the product and supplier approval processes and managing the relations with and monitor the performance of contracted third party quality partners. Position responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:


         Manage all New Product Development projects. Develop critical paths for all projects clearly showing timelines and responsibilities and liaise with all involved parties to ensure all deadlines are met.

         Develop, document, and implement protocols for store testing of trial products prior to launch to ensure performance characteristics are deliverable.

         Ensure all research and development briefs are translated into working supplier briefs and that all key product attributes are documented and measurable. Develop and document procedures for sample submission, product evaluation, and product sign off. Manage all product/packaging trials and retain library/reference samples as required.

         Manage regional launches of all new products and develop detailed product specifications for all products.

         Develop, document and implement systems for assessing conformance of product to specification and implement ongoing product assessment panels, with detailed records of findings.

         Review and sign off supplier approval reports and ensure facilities and capabilities are adequate for any new product development projects.

         Ensure all products meet legislative requirements in the Country of Origin and Country of Usage.

         Use product non-conformance data to identify product and packaging improvements/opportunities and implement with suppliers. Streamline products and processes to minimize product variability.

         Liaise with purchasing, suppliers, and headquarters teams to identify opportunities for value chain analysis and value/product engineering.

         Ensure all packaging is fit for purpose and review and approve all labels for Gold or Regional Standard products. Develop, document and implement procedures for transit testing for all new products.


B.S. Degree in Food Science or Technology and 5+ years related experience in the food industry in a Food Scientist/Technologist type role required. Food manufacturing experience strongly preferred. Knowledge of food service industry equipment, processes, and products also preferred. The ideal candidate will possess strong project management skills, strong sensory evaluation knowledge and experience, the ability to work well with deadlines and be a team player. Must be proficient in MS Office.

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