Consumer in China also suffered food poisoning after eating dumplings

(Mainichi Japan) August 6, 2008

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A consumer in China suffered food poisoning after eating locally-made dumplings that the manufacturer recalled following an outbreak of food poisoning among Japanese people who ate the same type of products containing an insecticide, sources close to the government said.

The finding suggests that the insecticide called methamidophos, which caused food poisoning to 10 people in Japan, was mixed with gyoza dumplings in China, according to the sources.

Japan's police authorities said the possibility is slim that methamidophos was mixed with dumplings in Japan, while Chinese police claimed that it was highly unlikely that the gyoza was laced with the chemical in China.

Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda declined to comment on the allegations. "I think we must solve this problem at an early date. We're exchanging information with Japan's law enforcement authorities. I can't comment on the details at present."

Prior to the G8 summit in Hokkaido in July, Beijing informed Tokyo through diplomatic channels that a Chinese consumer suffered poisoning caused by methamidophos after eating gyoza dumplings in June. The gyoza were among those that maker Tianyang recalled in China following the food poisoning outbreak in Japan.

It remains unclear why recalled products were sold on the Chinese market and the condition of the poisoned victim.

Ten people in three families living in Chiba and Hyogo prefectures suffered food poisoning between December last year and January this year after eating Tianyang-produced gyoza imported from China.

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