UK: Nursery shuts after E.coli cases

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Friday, 8 August 2008


A nursery in the Borders has closed voluntarily after two children were confirmed with E.coli O157.

A statement from NHS Borders said two cases of the infection had been reported to its public health department in the last week.

Both children - who are under four years of age - are "doing well" and are at home under the care of their GP.

As a precautionary measure, checks are being carried out on any youngsters and staff who have attended the nursery.

Consultant in Public Health Medicine Dr Alan Mordue said the children affected had frequent social contact outside the nursery.

Investigations are continuing to try to establish the source of the infection.

Voluntarily closed

"All possible sources and modes of spread are being considered," said Dr Mordue.

"The childcare facility has been fully cooperative.

"Their decision to voluntarily close while this issue is fully investigated and to minimise any possibility of the infection spreading has been very helpful."

He asked parents to watch out for any symptoms and, if they see any, to contact their GP or NHS 24.

The Scottish Borders usually sees about 10 cases of E.coli O157 a year.

Symptoms can range from mild diarrhoea, stomach cramps and fever to diarrhoea.

The incubation period can range from one to 14 days, but is usually three to four days, and people with E.coli O157 are usually ill for up to two weeks.



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