UK: Salmonella outbreak kills 70-year-old woman

An outbreak of salmonella across the country has claimed its first victim, after a pensioner died from the infection.


By Kate Devlin Medical Correspondent
07 Aug 2008

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The bacteria contributed to the death of a women in her 70s from Liverpool, officials said.

Investigators are considering whether the outbreak, which has led to more than 100 confirmed cases, could be linked to ready made sandwiches, although the Health Protection Agency (HPA) insist that they are looking at all possibilities.

There have been 114 cases of the infection so far, affecting all ages ranging from a 94-year-old to an eight-month-old baby.

The woman, the first known to have died as a result of the outbreak, had been a patient at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

She died on July 16, a few days after she was released home.

Her local healthcare trust and the HPA are now investigating how she contracted the bacteria and if it was linked to anything she ate while in hospital.

Environmental Health Officers have performed a spot check on the hospital's catering facilities since the death was reported and found no areas of concern.

Tests confirmed that the patient had a type of salmonella bacteria, salmonella agona, that has become increasingly common in Britain and Ireland since February.

Salmonella causes vomiting, diarrhoea and fever, which can last for between three and seven days.

It can be passed from person to person but the infection is contracted mainly from meat, poultry, raw eggs and dairy products, or from undercooked contaminated food.

In Ireland one company, which supplies ingredients to the catering sector, has withdrawn products from sale as a precautionary measure.




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