Wednesday, 13th August 2008

Rare outbreak of salmonella in the Lothians


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THREE people in the Lothians are known to have fallen victim to a national outbreak of a rare salmonella strain.

Figures obtained by the Evening News revealed that, of the 24 people across Scotland affected since June, a small proportion were in the NHS Lothian area.

A multi-agency investigation is currently taking place across the UK and Ireland about the source of the outbreak of Salmonella Agona, of which there have been 60 cases in Northern Ireland.

Most cases affect young and middle-aged people, and out of the 24 people in Scotland affected, only five were admitted to hospital, and none of them were deemed to be seriously ill as a result.

Dr John Cowden, of Health Protection Scotland, said: "Because S.Agona is rare although as far as we know no different in severity from other salmonellas outbreaks of this strain are easier to recognise than of other salmonellas."


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