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Food Safety Auditor - USA


AIB International


August 12, 2013


Mexico City




Full Time - Experienced

AIB International

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Welcome to AIB International Managing Risk and Strengthening Reputations We are committed to protecting the safety of the global food supply chain and delivering high value educational and technical programs. AIB provides Food Safety Inspections, Audits, and Certifications, Food Safety Education, and Research & Technical Services. Our renowned School of Baking offers the best educational ... experience in the baking industry to students from North America and around the world. The commitment of AIB International's staff to provide quality service for every client has secured leadership positions and a reputation for effectiveness and integrity.

Description of Job Function:
* Conducts food safety audits of clients facility
* Provides technical training to management and employees at clients facility regarding the adequacy of food safety program, pest control, operational methods and personnel practices, maintenance for food safety and cleaning practices.
* Communicates verbally to management on the level of food safety existing at the facility
* Prepares a written report, in English and/or Spanish, for management, recapping all issues of observations and, if needed, corrective actions that should be taken.
* The food safety auditor must be free to and capable of extensive travel.

Principal Responsibilities:
* Organize inspection itineraries for the year and make changes as necessary to accommodate new business, postponements, etc.
* Notify clients of inspection dates, if required.
* Travel to the inspection site, arrange to stay in client's area during inspection.
* Conduct food safety audits using the AIB Standards and Procedure Manual instructions.
* Train personnel in food safety issues, write a report following the audit and send it to AIB within two working days.
* Fill out expense vouchers for each client and mail to AIB weekly.

Additional Activities:
* Lecture and or participate in food safety conferences, in-plant seminars and or AIB seminars.

  Maintain a favorable working relationship with all other company employees to foster and promote a cooperative and harmonious working climate that will be conducive to maximum employee morale, productivity and efficiency/effectiveness

  Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor

Principal Customers:
* Food processors, food distributors and packaging facilities


* B.S. degree from an accredited college or university, preferably in science or related topic to food safety plus 5-10 years of food plant experience in a responsible position related to food safety..
* High school diploma, or equivalent, plus approximately 10 years food plant experience.
Language Skills-Must be bilingual (Spanish and English) and must possess excellent verbal communication skills, good writing abilities including correct grammar, sentence structure and spelling using both languages.
Administrative Skills-Must be able to organize travel itineraries, make travel arrangements and travel to inspection sites; be able to work independently of direct office supervision and file all reports, requests for information and expense vouchers in a timely manner; and be able to use a computer.
Physical Skills-Must be physically able to safely ascend to heights, be able to bend, crawl and move safely and freely around machinery and building without assistance. Must have eyesight or corrected eyesight to safely work around and inspect equipment, identify insect pests and to prepare inspection notes and reports without assistance.

Other Requirements:
The food safety auditor must:
* conduct himself/herself in a professional manner, including appearance and demeanor, at all times.
* carry out all inspection assignments from AIB and follow all written and verbal instructions from Audit Services.
* maintain a valid and current driver's license, current automobile liability insurance and maintain a personal vehicle for business use.
* maintain fiscal responsibility that will enable the auditor to travel extensively, work and be away from home in the course of Company business.

Internal Number: 1305FSAUDMEX


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