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Food Technologist - Technology Center - Frisco, TX

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Technology Services

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USA, Frisco (TX)


GEA Food Solutions North America Inc.


GEA Food Solutions

Job Description:

1. This position will support the R&D efforts for the company and work on assigned customer product develoment as well as serve as the testing center authority related to food production technology.

2. This will include products produced/tested at our facility as well as helping to source products produced by third parties.

3. Working on assigned development projects by contributing ideas; building, testing and evaluating prototypes; and calculating costs.

4. Updating and maintaining recipe books and files.

5. Updating, creating and maintaining nutrional and ingredient labelling.

6. Completing competitive research analysis.

7. Conducting research studies including test design and writing conclusions.

8. Upper level and project management work as well.

Additional responsibilities:

1. Assist in a small innovation project, or part of a larger project, that is of a longer term nature.

2. Share in the various activities associated with providing problem solving information to the sales team and customers over the phone and internet.

3. Develop basic "infrastructure" knowledge to continuously improve the performance of the Technical Service team.

4. Identify and address capability gaps in terms of knowledge, equipment and facilities and work with management to address these gaps.

5. Participating in the documentation and internal audit.

6. Providing and maintaining a safe, accident-free environment.

7. Identify and communicate personal and food safety hazards associated with incoming ingredients and processing equipment.

8. Performs a variety of quality of control tests/inspections on products, materials, components, parts, etc. at various stages of the production process to ensure compliance with quality and reliability standards.

9. Records statistical data. Analyzes data and writes summaries to validate or show deviations from existing standards.

10. Recommends modifications to existing, or suggests new standards, methods and procedures.

11. Monitor the quality of product during manufacture, auditing, and as needed, inspecting process control points as defined by the Division Quality Assurance Minimum Inspection Requirements (MIR). This involves recognizing, trouble - shooting and resolving non -compliant product or situations through interaction with Production personnel/Employee Involvement Teams.

12. Provide proactive technical support and training for Production personnel/Employee Involvement Teams to maintain the quality system to ensure a high degree of compliance with company and regulatory requirements.

13. Responsible for establishing, maintaining, and promoting good communications/rapport with all departments, levels of management, and customers.

14. Responsible for maintaining a thorough knowledge of all quality systems, programs and regulatory requirements and educating personnel on same.

15. Responsible for thorough documentation on a daily basis of all QA concerns in the appropriate logbook or forms.

Main tasks:

1. Planning and executing projects for specific customers as submitted by the sales team including but not limited to conducting analysis and checking the performance of a blend in a specific application, or developing an entirely new texture ingredient system.

2. Participate in and help to lead customer production trials that are focused on the implementation of a product.

3. Design and execute experiments in the technology center.

4. Execute (and lead) activities around the implementation of a Technology Center testing program.

5. Provide in-house and external training to customers and universities on the science, technology and application of food production systems.

6. Supervise the day to day activities of at least one technician and /or technologist.

7. Formulates new products and modifies existing product formulas based on general and/or specific input from Sales and Marketing channels.

8. Designs, coordinates and executes new product line test runs. Analyses line test results and collaborates with process engineers, production staff, packaging, and marketing specialists to ensure manufactured product is within desired target cost parameters, performance and organoleptic attributes.

9. Analyses line test results and recommends appropriate adjustments to product formulas and/or processes to keep manufactured product within desired target cost parameters and organoleptic attributes.

10. Prepares sample product and conducts additional duties as required for: cooking instructions , nutritional calculations/analysis, product photography, shelf-life studies, product cuttings, package development, and focus group.

11. Sourcing raw materials, formula development or modification, conduct physical testing, establish product specifications, preparing product costing to establish raw materical costs, and address issues of food safety and regulatory compliance.

12. Research current consumer trends and development of new technologies.

13. Work in conjunction with Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Sales Departments.

14. Performing other duties as assigned.

Main requirements:


1. This position requires a minimum of a Bachelor's of Science in Food Science or a related discipline.

2. Master's degree preferred or combination of Bachelor's and 2 years work related experience.

Skills/qualilfications :

1. Work-related experience in product development and supervisory experience preferred.

2. Current working knowledge of analytical and physical testing methodologies as well as knowledge of broad scoping product development.

3. Familiarity with current food processing techniques.

4.An in depth knowledge of coating technology is required.

5. An affinity for meat processing.

6. Critical thinking and analysis skills.

7. Time management and ability to multi tasks.

8. Knowledge and strict adherance to GMPs and plant policies.

9. Works well on an individual and team basis.

10. Experience in a food manufacturing facility.

11. Good communicatoin skills both verbal and written.

12. Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word.

13. Hands on mentality.

We offer you:

A very challenging function within a dynamic business environment.

A great team work spirit that enables high level of performance.

Attractive working conditions and enjoyable working environment with high technology equipments.

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