Food Safety Director - Detroit, MI


Job Title: Food Safety Director
Company: Aunt Mid Produce
Location: Detroit, MI
Job ID: 5064
Salary: Within Range
Job Location: Detroit, MI


Job Description:

Aunt Mid Produce Co, an innovative processor of fresh fruits and vegetables since 1948, has an immediate opportunity for a Food Safety Director. Hours of supervision will be approximately from 5am to 2 pm. Monday through Friday, with some Saturdays during peak periods.


  • Verify and validate the established Quality Assurance, SSOP and HACCP programs.
  • Responsible for the organization of all HACCP records.
  • Verify the Quality of incoming raw products, in process and finished goods.
  • Investigate customer complaints.
  • Oversee product trace/recall program.
  • Work with production managers on continuous improvement of quality, yields and efficiencies.
  • Ensure food safety and personal safety by training the workers in our plant.
  • Monitor production conditions, specifications, process controls and tracking controls.
  • Monitor packaging integrity.
  • Monitor shelf life of all products.
  • Be able to handle third party audits in a professional manner.


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